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by Emily Lucas

April 17, 2019

Mom's Apple Pie

My first memory of this pie was a time when me, my brothers, and mom all lived in a small apartment. My mom has made this pie all my life and it has done nothing but bring comfort and delight to me and my family. I compare all apple pies to my moms, to me nothing can compare to the sweet and gooey decadence known as my mother’s pie. This pie will forever reign over all other desserts I claim to love. The best time to have this pie is on a cold day sitting by a fire with your family. I once asked my mom if she would write down the recipe for me and she replied with “I don’t have one”, “Everything I make, I just do.” “But for you I will write one.”

One day mom came home from the store with apples and pie crust and we instantly knew mom was making her pie. When she was in the process of making the pie us kids would crowd around her and just watch. My older brother on the other hand couldn’t handle just sitting there. He would always try to steal apple slices, it got to the point that my mom started buying an extra apple just for him. Watching her was pure torture for bother her and us. Once that pie is put into the oven and the smell would start waft through the entire apartment it would send into an impatient frenzy. We would only settle when a slice was in front of us.

Mom's Apple Pie

Approximate cook time (1 hr.)


  • (3 ea.) (yellow, green, and red apples)
  • (1/3 c) (Instant Tapioca)
  • (1/2 c) (Sugar)
  • (1/2 c) (Brown Sugar)
  • (1 tbs) (Cinnamon)
  • 1 stick of butter
  • Melted or bottled caramel drizzle (Optional)


Peel, core and then thinly slice each apple. combine your sugars and tapioca with apples. Preheat oven to 425. While the oven heats unroll your pie crust and line your pie pan. use a fork and poke holes into crust then put in oven for 3 to 5 minuets. (This assures that your crust will be fully cooked) Remove crust from oven and let rest for an additional 5 minuets. meanwhile roll out your other crust and you have the option to cut it into strips,shapes or leave as is will a few slits in the top. Pour your filling into your crust you set aside to cool and then cover with other crust