Birth and Death Rates

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The Daily Oklahoman holds an exceptional archive of their paper, going back to 1901. For this project, you'll focus on April 1990.[1]

To Access the Archive

Head to the Oklahoman Archive, then navigate to April 1990.

To Access the Data

Scroll through the paper, laugh at the cheap prices, cry at that time teachers walked out before. Births and "Public Records" are usually below weather, so check for the map.

Oklahoman transitions

If you have trouble reading the text (you will), click the download button at the top right to get the .PDF version.


  1. In case you were wondering why we aren't using numbers from this month: as of 2015, hospitals "no longer offer birth announcement options to parents," according to the Tulsa World. While death rates are available, they only tell half the story of our population.