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Over the last 17 years, our world has changed and the needs of our students have evolved. TSAS is committed to responding creatively to the changes in our world while continuing to hold fast to our mission, vision, and core beliefs. Our commitment to extend and enrich the award winning education TSAS is known for has pushed us to reimagine the high school experience to better meet the changing needs of our students and our world.

We believe all students have big dreams for their future, but sometimes the path to get to those future dreams can seem confusing or complicated. We asked ourselves, what if we develop the path by knowing where each student wants to arrive?

We believe the path for each student should match their unique dreams and plans for the future. Because we value our diversity and know that TSAS students dream of futures in College, Career, Arts, and STEM and we have tailored four paths to help all students reach their dreams.

All four paths are college ready and meet Oklahoma’s Promise scholarship requirements. We call these graduation plans and paths to the future your HOUSE. Through our strategic design process, each HOUSE fits the high school pieces together and works toward the future each student imagines for themselves.

Each HOUSE offers courses aligned to the goals and needs of their students and provides a wide variety of classes designed for students with futures in Arts, STEM, Career, and College.

Graduation is the goal of high school, but more than that, we want every student ready to step into life and their future dreams. We are confident we have a house to support you as you build your future and we will help you select the HOUSE to reach your dreams. We are excited to welcome you HOME to your new TSAS HOUSE!

The Houses

Career - College Ready House

We are makers, designers, builders, creators, technicians, craftspeople, and hard workers.

Learn more about Career & College.

Fine Arts - College Ready House

We are performers, musicians, artists, designers, inventors, and hard workers.

Learn more about Fine Arts House.

STEM - College Ready House

We are engineers, scientists, mathematicians, accountants, computer scientists, medical professionals, and hard workers.

Learn more about STEM House.

Liberal Arts - College Ready House

We are historians, journalists, novelists, sociologists, teachers, philosophers, advocates, critical thinkers, community engagers, and hard workers.

Learn more about Liberal Arts House.

The Capstone

Beginning in 2018, the TSAS upperclassmen will each embark on a Capstone Project. This will afford them the opportunity to practice in the wider world (or on a real-world issue) what they have learned during their time at TSAS. For some, this may be taking courses at a local university or technical college. For others, this may be getting a job or internship in the field of their choice. Some may wish to remain at TSAS to take advantage of the expertise and guidance of our faculty in researching an issue that interests them.

Whatever their project, it will culminate in a Capstone Presentation where students share their experiences and newfound understanding with the TSAS community, giving back and inspiring the next generation of TSAS graduates.

The Curricula