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Uploading .gcode file to OctoPrint for remote printing
  1. We use OctoPrint to control the printer remotely. If you are using a personal computer with Bonjour service installed, connect to the school's wifi and go to [octopi.local]
  2. Login with your credentials. Ask Stallings for yours
  3. Open the folder on your computer containing the .gcode file you created with Cura
  4. Drag the file into the left of the OctoPrint screen
  5. You should see the file appear in the Files list on the left side of the screen.
  6. Click your file to load it. If there are errors, do not print the file!
  7. If there are no errors, click the Blue print button to begin printing
  8. Head to the printer and watch the first few layers for errors
  9. Take a picture of your creation and upload it to the 3D Print Gallery

For further inspiration, check out the Creating a Model to Print and 3D Model Sources pages. If you come across something not listed, please add it!

3D Print Training Series
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