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A résumé (or resume) is a document that contains your skills and previous experience. We use them to introduce ourselves to potential employers, universities, and organizations offering scholarships.

Slideshow here.

I recommend using Google Docs for the heavy lifting, since it is easy to forget to update it if it is hidden in an old flash drive. You'll need this document, so open it and make a copy to your Drive. Fill in the blanks as thoroughly as possible—dates and addresses are very helpful. Your school's address is 1202 W Easton St. Tulsa, OK 74127.

After filling out the form with your information, look over the templates available from Google. Once you've chosen one, begin moving your information from the form to the template, making sure to keep an eye on formatting. A review of the formatting rules:

  • Two fonts are more than enough.
  • The same information (titles, addresses, descriptions) get the same formatting.
  • Handwritten/script, gothic/blackletter, and decorative fonts have their place. This is not it, unless you created it yourself or are Hermann Zapf.

Once you are satisfied that your résumé is complete, share the file (blue button in Docs) with a friend. They should check for the layout rules above, as well as misspellings and missing information. Use the "Suggesting" option in Docs for this. If you'd rather share with Stallings, that's fine, too!