Junior College Pacing Calendar

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Juniors! You're nearly there! Your time this year will be spent learning about financial aid, discovering universities, and visiting campuses. Many colleges will be at TSAS to woo potential students; now is the time to look critically at the offerings of each institution.


  • Take a leadership position in a club
  • Take the PSAT; your scores could qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship Program, the National Achievement Scholars Program or the National Hispanic Recognition Program. Any one of these will land you a full ride to the university of your choice.
  • Research financial aid, meet with Stallings to discuss your family's expected contribution.
  • Create a list of scholarships to apply for
  • Register by November 3rd for the December 9th ACT at actstudent.org


  • Make a list of the universities you would like to visit and potentially apply to. Discuss your list with Stallings, and make an effort to attend the college visits when they come up.
  • Polish your resume.
  • Start writing your college essays
  • Contact the office of admissions at the colleges on your list to request information.
  • Think about the teachers who might write a letter of recommendation for you. Fill out the letter of recommendation form early to get a head start.


  • Prepare for the ACT at TSAS by visiting ACT's "Test Prep" page
  • Plan a road trip to visit the universities on your list this summer. If you have visited them all, look into summer programs at your chosen universities.
  • Attend a college fair to get more information about the colleges on your list. Look for announcements or visit nationalcollegefairs.org for dates.